Natural Resources


Careful consideration was used when determining the boundaries, plant location and phasing of the Sargent Quarry. The majority of the Sargent Quarry site is currently used for cattle grazing with the balance of the land, primarily the proposed location of the plant site, used for row crops. There are some oak trees located within the perimeter of the Sargent Quarry area, mainly in the two small drainage areas. The project has been designed to minimize the loss of oak trees. In limited instances where oak trees would have to be removed, each tree would be replaced by seven new oak treesĀ planted in designated areas near the quarry site perimeter.

The Sargent Quarry team commissioned a Cultural Resources Study of the quarry area, as well as the larger Sargent Valley, to determine if there were any cultural resources present. It was concluded that there are no historic remains or artifacts in the area of the proposed Sargent Quarry.

The project was also designed to avoid sensitive riparian corridors with a set back of at least 150 feet. This includes Tar Springs Creek, Sargent Creek and the Pajaro River.