Aggregates and Construction Go Hand-in-Hand

  • California’s aggregates industry supplies sand, gravel, and crushed stone for local construction.
  • Aggregates are necessary for making ready-mixed concrete, asphalt, and many other building materials.
  • Millions of tons of aggregates are required to build and maintain our infrastructure: roads, highways, homes, buildings, schools, and public works.

SOURCE: California Construction and Industrial Materials Association, 2009

Aggregates Industry in Santa Clara County

  • The total combined annual economic benefit of the construction and aggregate industries in Santa Clara County is $12.5 billion.
  • Aggregates and construction has a 2 multiplier effect, one of the highest of any industry.
  • The aggregate industry’s average wage is $71,200, compared to an average income of $66,000 for all industries in Santa Clara County.
  • Local aggregate supplies reduce costs to taxpayers, home buyers and consumers and reduce environmental effects.

SOURCE: Construction Materials Association of California, 2006



Distance Matters

  • Transporting from shorter distances is healthier for all of us – less tail pipe emissions which have been linked to various illnesses
  • Transporting from shorter distances protects the environment and reduces traffic – less diesel fuel consumption
  • Transporting from shorter distances saves money –  cost of trucking aggregates increases 15 cents per ton for every mile hauled

SOURCE: Construction Materials Association of California, 2015